CSS Web development

Order pseudo-classes

The order of definition of pseudo-classes for the anchor tag is crucial. In Firefox I noted that if you define :visited after :hover, you may not get the style you expect when hovering over an <a> element. That’s logical, if you think of it. But it can be confusing because the Inspector seems to ignore […]

Gutenberg Wordpress

Setting up a block

Just a note on the way I currently like to set up development of a Gutenberg block. Basically these are the steps mentioned in the WordPress block editor handbook, that uses the @wordpress/package to work with the webpack and Babel libraries, without too much hassle. Alternative: Advanced Custom Fields Pro A month after I wrote […]


Checksum utility

Windows 10 Windows 10 has a built-in checksum utitily, CertUtil. For instance to find the md5 checksum of a file: Browser tool Alternatively, generate and verify the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksum of a file on line. You won’t have to upload the file, the work is done in the browser.


Sharp edges on smooth models

How to create a smooth looking object that also has sharp edges like the disc in this image in Blender 2.8: To do that, apply smoothing to both the geometry of the model and the appearance of the surface. In both cases prevent the smoothing to occur at the edges that must remain sharp as […]