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Magnify images with a draggable loupe

In a previous post we’ve seen how to create a magnifying glass effect with canvas. But the position of the lens was static, and of course in a useful application a user must be able to move the lens to a point of interest. Let’s make aVue component for that!

Web development

SVG sprites transforms

Investigation if working with SVG sprites is practical. Especially in combination with transforms.

Animation JavaScript Web development

Move eased dot along a curve

In the Bezier curve, perceived as a graph, the horizontal axis shows the time passed, on a scale of zero (at the start) to one (at the end point). The vertical axis shows the progress in distance covered, also from zero (no progress) to one (loop completed), although progress can dive below zero or exceed […]

Animation JavaScript

Move a dot along a path

Create a dot moving along a path using SVG and JavaScript

CSS Web development

Transitions of SVG icons

How can we style SVG images on a web page? For instance to define a transition on hovering. Using the <img> tag will not work. Neither will the CSS property background-image. We must put the SVG element inline in the HTML code. Now we can style the SVG elements using CSS selectors. Include external file […]